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I launched my own website initially for blogging in the year 2004. Since then, my website experienced frequent makeovers, layout changes and data losses due to cyber-attacks. I stopped maintaining my blog publicly on my website since 2013. I realized that most of the issues were due to my usage of drupal CMS for my website. I also realized that I do not need 95% of features of drupal. After 6 years of contemplating migrating out of drupal, finally I switched to a leaner CMS solution - OctoberCMS.

The blog section here contains some of my very old blog posts that I salvaged from my older website using The Wayback Machine. I am still trying to salvage some more old blogs from my database backups. I am retaining these blogs merely for nostalgic purposes - to remember what I used to be, back then.

While revamping this website, I realized the need to streamline the content and my workflow - the result of which are my other two websites:

  • What I hate about Mac OSX

    Posted on Mar 06, 2010

    A decade ago, a colleague of mine who was a Mac freak went on to demonstrate and preach about the greatness of Apple Macintosh usability, elegance and precision both in terms of hardware and software build. Agreed, I chose to buy a MacBook Pro last year for its hardware specs and build quality - I truly loved the design perfection, hardware specifications and the elegance overall. I also thought that the desktop environment bundled with the OS would be very user-friendly.

    When I got my hands on my own MacBook Pro, I was at first struck with surprise - no page-up/page-down/home/end/insert/delet...

  • Follow your passion and let success follow you...

    Posted on Jan 07, 2010

    A nice dialogue from a fantastic movie that I watched lately - 3 idiots. A must watch inspiring movie loosely based on the concept of Chetan Bhagat's novel 5 point someone which I found very relevant to my life.

    While watching the movie I could relate many themes based on my own life's experiences. Right from my schooling days, I've been with the elite first bench brains of my class where my classmates (those who sit on the same bench as me) were literally programmed to be memory devices - read, read, read, write, write, write, practice and vomit what's memorized on paper without realizing wha...

  • Another year passes by...

    Posted on Jan 01, 2010

    And it felt like a blink of an eye. Things have only gotten faster now. Its just that I never could spare time for anything else than packing my luggage every weekend to travel on training assignments across cities. I've been living out of my luggage for almost 3 years now. My daughter could remember one thing about me - "ta ta" whenever she looks at me (meaning bye bye in my local language).

    Over the last couple of years, my focus on growth as a corporate trainer seemed to have shown good results. I've been a preferred technology trainer for many esteemed clients and have eventually become a ...

  • The future of MySQL!

    Posted on Apr 22, 2009

    As murky as it turned out to be, the latest news has it that Oracle is currently signing up on acquisition of Sun Microsystems (who currently owns OpenOffice and MySQL).

    The real problem could be the future of MySQL. The way I see it, MySQL's technology/innovation died already after Sun's acquisition. Now, Oracle would kill the brand too, and perform the last rites.

    We now have just "one" database for the large-scale enterprise - Oracle Database Server (well, there's DB2, Informix and MS SQL Server too - but they are not that significant in the Web development market). MySQL as a brand will be...

  • About my current position... (to all those who've been eagerly waiting for my training programs targetting individuals)

    Posted on Nov 14, 2008

    I'm very much excited about the fact that my website (in-spite of extremely less updates due to lack of time) has attracted many people in different ways.

    Of late, I've been receiving phone-calls constantly from individuals who are interested in various training programs listed on my Training section of my website. I sincerely apologize to all those who've been waiting for so long hoping that I would commence on some sort of training program for them. Time and space have both become a strong limitation for my endeavor into training.

    As of now, my schedule gets blocked almost 2 to 3 months in a...

  • Monkeys with Money!

    Posted on May 29, 2008

    What would a monkey do if you pass along a $10 cheque and ask for a cup of coffee ?

    Simple! The poor chimp would look up the note, scratch it's head, lick the note, bite, chew and spit it out. Now, what happens if you get your multi-million dollar worth software project outsourced for "cheap" labor ?

    The following link demonstrates the competency-levels of cheap outsourcing IT labor:

    Click here to laugh

    Isn't it time that the outsourcing factories introspect their team competency levels before its too late ?

  • Are you still thinking about flipping that switch ?

    Posted on Mar 22, 2008

    So, you're happy, comfortable and self-satisfied working on Windows platform - you are willing to live with fighting spyware, viruses, trojans on a regular basis. You are also accustomed to frequent system hang-ups, reboots and malfunctions of the weird kind.

    Why ? Because you believe that Windows is user-friendly and Linux is hard and difficult to setup/configure/install and use - Oh wait! When was the last time you struggled getting Linux to work on your desktop ?

    Linux has come a long way fighting other "user-friendly" OS head-on for desktop adoption. If you are not convinced, you must look...

  • A stroll into the "Other side" of the world!

    Posted on Feb 24, 2008

    Last week, I had the privilege of walking into Microsoft Global Technology Support Center (Bangalore) and talk about Open Source. While the agenda as per plan was about explaining the features, benefits and advantages of LAMP stack, we did have a lot of digression into other facets of Linux, Apache and FOSS in general. It was indeed a wonderful experience being there interacting with some of the brilliant engineers at Microsoft and exchanging ideas with them.

    I gave them a talk on features of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. They were not impressed with the technology stack (especially PHP and My...

  • Training as a career!

    Posted on Jan 03, 2008

    I started my computing career as a trainer back in '95. Those days, I've had this reputation of being an electronics wizard who was good at demystifying the intricacies of an IBM PC-compatible hardware. Teaching as a skill came to me quite naturally, and I'm proud of being the most favorite teacher amongst students since '95.

    Over the years that followed, I managed to diversify my career/skill-set (system programmer, web developer, FOSS technology specialist/developer, Independent developer/architect, so on). All my past experiences (based on both success and failure) have helped me refine my ...

  • Life as a leaping frog!

    Posted on Jan 01, 2008

    Another year passed by, before I could take note - and here I am, shuffling time and dates trying to accommodate the best in what little the time can facilitate. Seems like I'm getting used to this city now (residing at a very busy, noisy and a bit shabby part of the town - Mogappair West). Over the last 6 months, I've been hopping back and forth between Chennai and Bangalore on work. Seems like I've made up for what I thought I had lost in the past 2 years - large established client contacts.

    For the last 2 years, I was strictly concentrating on building new clients here at Chennai. Somehow, ...